About us

Bellingham Cleaners is a family owned company established in 1940 renowned for its quality, service and reliability. We have invested in backup systems for all of our equipment so as to ensure that your goods are delivered “as promised’ and “when promised”. Our fleet of delivery vehicles provides reliable and convenient city wide service.


  • Discounted dry cleaning for non-profit, charitable and religious organizations
  • Donations of dry cleaning gift certificates for charitable events
  • Donation of unclaimed garments to charitable organizations
  • Participation in Montreal Entertainment Discount Book which is sold by community organizations as part of fundraising efforts
  • Partnership with Manteaux Manteaux clothing chain to collect & dry clean coats for distribution by Sun Youth Organization to the survivors and refugees of the 2010 Haiti earthquake

Participation in various community fund raising events


Bellingham Cleaners takes environmental responsibility very seriously. The following items represent some of the green initiatives we have taken.

  • We utilize environmentally friendly “wet cleaning” machines whenever possible that produce superior cleaning with the highest environmentally responsible results
  • We have reduced the use of tissue paper for packaging by approximately 95%
  • We have completely eliminated using paper garment covers
  • We converted our tagging system to permanent barcodes thereby eliminating use of paper tags, printing ribbons and safety pins on most items
  • We use internal email for paperless communication
  • We now send customer statements, reports and invoice copies by email thereby saving paper and envelopes
  • We recycle paper, cardboard and plastic in our facilities
  • We recycle metal hangers – please drop them off to us or give to your route driver
  • We accept and send out used polyethylene garment bags for recycling
  • We make available re-usable nylon V.I.P. bags for our customers’ soiled garments in order to eliminate single use plastic bags
  • We recycle surplus steam from our production equipment through heat exchangers to make hot water and heat our building
  • We insulated all of our process piping in order to reduce energy consumption of natural gas and electricity
  • Our purchase of state of the art dry cleaning machines allowed us to reduce solvent consumption by approximately 90%
  • We operate a “closed loop” dry cleaning system which prevents solvent from escaping to the atmosphere
  • We recuperate and recycle dry cleaning solvent
  • We eliminated the use of detergents containing phosphates
  • We now use low water temperature reacting wash detergents to save energy on hot water heating
  • We utilize a water softener system in order to reduce chemical consumption
  • We converted our steam boilers from oil to natural gas which burns much cleaner and is a much more energy efficient fuel
  • We use energy saving light bulbs and are continuing to convert our fluorescent lighting to the energy efficient T5 and T8 lighting systems
  • We purchased high extraction washing machines in order to reduce drying time
  • We purchased modern energy efficient laundry dryers
  • We dispose of our waste in a responsible manner
  • We make donations to Carbonfund.org the leading nonprofit carbon offset and climate solutions organization to account for the entire carbon footprint of wedding gown cleaning and preservation. Carbonfund.org uses our donations to help fund reforestation projects worldwide. For additional information on our environmentally friendly wedding gown cleaning andZeroCarbon™ please refer to the “Wedding Gowns” page on this website.




Dry Cleaning & Laundry Association (DLI)
National Cleaners Association (NCA)
Association of Wedding Gown Specialists (AWGS)
Sanitone® Certified Master Drycleaner
Canadian Federation of Independent Business
Harry Rosen
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Bellingham Cleaners provides free pickup and delivery service to your home or business. We will gladly provide you with a complimentary personalized V.I.P. drop off bag upon your second full price order. You can conveniently request a pickup or view your order status online or using our smartphone app and pay automatically by credit card.